Dark Liquor Secerts

Well hello there to all my lovely sipping ladies and hard working smooth drinking men.  One  of your 2drunkgirlz recently got engaged.  Me, Sharlete!  I’m sure you guys are happy for me but I’m nervous as can be.  I constantly think what a tragedy my life would be, if sex went out the window and conversation ceased.  Yikes, just thinking about it makes me want to call Rene (the other drunk girl) and have a drink.   For those of you who may be intoxicated and have not yet caught on, I’m referring to the nightmare stories we hear about boring married couples.

I have come up with a lifetime plan to overload my man with top-shelf smooth dark liquors. So far, I have set the atmosphere and tried a few and that “Crown Royal” will do it to you. My alcohol mission has taught me that dark liquor suits a man best and it’s a couples savior.

Warning Men: The below liquors can cause arousal and upright stiffness
Warning Ladies: The below liquors can cause life threatening penetration and addiction
Jack Daniels Barcadi 8JamesonRemy MartinHennessyCrown RoyalBlack Lables


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