Liquor Control

Drunk Family

The holiday season has arrived the average drinker will consume double the amount of liquor. Therefore, you must remember to control your tongue and control your temper.

It’s the season to be jolly let’s not make it full of folly.   Below is a list of rules to follow in order to be remembered as the perfect functional-holiday-season-alcoholic.

Don’t get drunk and expose the family secrets. You know, like your mom has been banging your uncle for years or maybe she is the town whore. “Who’s your daddy little Johnny?

Hold your thoughts. It’s no need to tell your siblings that your family is better than theirs.

No ranting and raven, yelling at mom and dad because they invested in one of your siblings instead of you.

Have respect for the children in the family.  Don’t have them entertain guest for fun and laughs knowing they are talentless.  “Horrible Grown-Ups”.

Sit back, relax and have a ball this holiday season and don’t be the reason.

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