How To Turn Shitty Liquor Into, At The Very Least, Quaffable liquor.

So,  here at 2Drunkgirlz, we love to drink (obviously).  We know drinking in bars is costly.  Between gas, drink cost and tip (and other factors), you know you’re going to have to dig deep into your pockets. However, drinking at home can become costly too, depending on how lavish your taste can be.  If you love top shelf liquor, but hate top shelf price, I’m going to show you how to make shitty vodka and other spirits taste much better… filtration.

Water Pitcher Method
Very simple.
You will need a water filtration pitcher, like Brita.  (I suggest you use one with a carbon/charcoal filter.) A second pitcher (or anything you can use to pour the filtered liquor in) and whatever spirit you plan on using.  All you need to do is pour the liquor into the filtration pitcher.  After all of the liquid has run through, run it through again at least 4 more times.  Taste.  If it’s not to your liking, run it through about two more times and taste again.

Activated Charcoal/Carbon Method

This one requires a little more effort…still…extremely easy.
You will need a regular pitcher, funnel, coffee filters and activated charcoal/carbon. Grab the funnel. Stick a coffee filter in it. Pour some charcoal (about enough to fill a quarter of the funnel) into the coffee filter. Place funnel over pitcher. Now pour your favorite spirit into the filter and let it flow until it has all gone through. Filter at least 4 more times. Taste. Re-filter as needed to suit your taste.

Also, for those of you who order top shelf liquor with a mixer like juice or soda….STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY!!  Most of the time, when you mix liquor with those things, you really can’t taste the difference.  Its all in your mind.  Trust us….one of us IS a bartender. We hope this helps anyone who likes to “ball on a budget” :o)  And remember…..Drink responsibly!

activated carbon 2
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activated carbon
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