Champagne {Life’s Celebration}

Celebrate your accomplishments big or small.

After every win awaits bottles of champagne. Think about it, after a sport team wins a championship the explosion of bubbly rains throughout the room.

You just closed on a major business deal, what do you do? “Bring out the champagne”. Successful people love champagne, because they believe in themselves enough to know that it will soon be needed. “Success keeps pouring in”.

It’s your best-friend’s bachelor / bachelorette party, oh yes, let the fun begin! Champagne and liquor is a definite at this event.

All the show-offs will parade around the club on the weekend or maybe turn-up on a Tuesday. Buckets of ice with the best brand names of bubbly will sit noticeably on the center of the table. This method works well for the male elites they instantly will attract super-freaks, money-hungry willing to do anything. Bottle service, also works well for sexy women who behave like ladies and make money like men. Cross your legs and pop the champagne the super-freaks will hate you and the elite men will want to date you. “Play the role of the star you are”.

When babies are born champagne is poured. “Happy New Year” toast of bubbly float in the air.

Champagne is Life’s celebration!!!


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