Cocktails Compliment Exotic Islands

They say, visualization is they key to reaching your desired destination.  Sit back relax and allow 2drunkgirlz to help you climax by indulging your mind with fancy cocktails and exotic Islands.

It’s our goal to get you exactly where you need to be in this life time.

Flamenco Beach Culebra
Rum Punch

1. Whoever said exotic islands were for relaxing and love they’re not exactly a 100% truthful.  Exotic islands must have a cocktail that best represents them to make relaxation and love come true.  Let us give you an example of what we are talking about.   Checkout, the pic of Falmenco Beach nestled on the island of Culebra, PR, rated the worlds 2nd best beach by the Travel Channel.  There is no way to enjoy Falmenco beach without a cock opps, I meant cocktail.  Putero Rico is known for their famous Bacardi Rum, One of the best rums on earth.  Therefore, there is no other drink that best suits Falmenco Beach besides a Bacardi Rum Punch.  2drunkgirlz speak from experience.  We can still feel the plush white sand on our beautiful feet and the sweet taste of Bacardi Rum pouring down our throats. “Oh, what a feeling, oh baby” baby.

 Bora Bora
Blu Lagoon

2.  Feel the turbulence and get ready to land on one of the worlds best and most desired exotic islands Bora Bora rested on Society Islands of French Polynesia.  The beautiful salt water lagoon on the island of Bora Bora is surrounded by unforgettable coral reefs.  As you lay away and soak under the sun-rays refresh your yourself and cool down with a blue lagoon classy cocktail. This crisp blue drink compliments the waters of Bora Bora.  Have we been, no not yet, but we’re dreaming it into reality.



3.  Normal people visit Bali too.  You don’t need to be celebrity status to visit Bali save and play.  Bali is is beyond beautiful, it’s a tropical paradise.  Some say the tiny island is filled with magic on a spiritual level.  One thing we know for sure, Bali is amazing to just sit still.  You can explore Bali in one day. This Indonesia island will take your breath away.  Order a tropical alcohol drink but don’t get drunk because you don’t want to miss a beat. Bali, a place where you leave your worries behind.



4.  Last but definitely not least the island of Fiji is our final destination.  When I think Fiji, I think white and pink sand nestled on a hot beach.  Fiji formed 150 million years ago from volcanic activity.  The history of Fiji would make anyone scream ice cold daquiries.  So, Stay cool and we’ll see you soon.


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