Alone For Thanksgiving? That’s ok!

thanksgiving-table-1443940Maybe you don’t have a significant other to spend the holidays with. Maybe you can’t go home to see your family because of scheduling issues. Maybe finances are hindering you.  Whatever the case,  not being able to be with loved ones, on a holiday like Thanksgiving, can be quite taxing. But, 2DrunkGirlz will not allow our followers to be down and out.  Pick yourself up, dry your eyes and get dressed (or not)….no pity parties here. Going out or staying in, you’re having some fun damnit!


Day Activities

  • Wake up to a nice cup of Irish Coffee. (Coffee with Irish Whiskey, Irish Cream, or both) or a delectable, aromatic Hot Toddy made with hibiscus or oolong tea. (Tea with honey, lemon and whiskey.)
  • Yummy Wine Yoga baby!  Lift those spirits and Bend It Like Beckham!  In between poses take a couple of sips of your favorite wine.  This is guaranteed to start the day off right! (You don’t need a gym. Search Yoga on YouTube and start Downward Dog’in)nikki
  • Put on some MUSIC!  When doesn’t music make you feel good?
  • Listen to your favorite podcasts.  If you don’t know what one is, TODAY is the day to find out.  Maybe you want to listen to recaps on your favorite TV shows.  Or you want to hear the latest celeb gossip. Or maybe you want to know more about…….ALCOHOL!  There is a podcast for everything you can think of.


  • GET DRESSED!  We encourage you to get out and do something on your own.  We love each other to death, but we’re not joined at the hip and often do things and go places solo.  Its not as scary as it seems….we promise.  Drink a little more liquid courage if it helps.
  • Grab some Breakfast!  Find a local spot open for Thanksgiving. Waffle House, Huddle House, Denny’s and IHOP are a few national establishments that are open.  Do remember to tip your servers accordingly.  At least you have the day off, right?
  • Take a Stroll.  Might as well walk off a few of those calories while taking in some gorgeous scenery.  There’s nothing like aimlessly wandering to clear the spirit and put you in a cheerful mood. So pop in those earbuds and get to stepping.

      *Bonus: If there is a coffee shop and a liquor store open along the                    way, you can stop and get what you need to make yourself another                Irish Coffee or Hot Toddy while continuing your walk. Yay!

Inbetween Time (Noon-Till Whenever you deem necessary to get the party started.)

  • Go home, make some decisions and start doing some research.   Do you want to go out or stay in?  Cook or Eat out? Bar, club, both? Movies or binging on your favorite/new TV series?Google


Evening Activities

  • See what movies are playing.  Most major theaters are open on Thanksgiving.  Maybe you can catch a matinee or a later show if you want some in between time.  MockingJay Pt.2 anyone?MOCKINGJAY200
  • Nexflix and Chill-ed Wine.  If you’ve never had Netflix or a similar subscription TV service (i.e.:Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.), you can sign up for a free trial.  If you don’t have Netflix, find a marathon of something you like on your favorite Cable channel.  And of course….include some wine!


  • If cooking, make something SPECTACULAR!  You deserve it!  If you don’t want to worry about cleanup, order in or go out.  Something is bound to be open–especially if you live in a big city. (Boston Market, Buca di Beppo, Golden Corral, Maggiano’s Little Italy and McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood & Steaks to name a few.)  I’d suggest sitting at the bar if you’re flying solo.  You can meet and socialize with those around you.
  • THERE. IS. A. PARTY. SOMEWHERE. IN. YOUR. CITY!  Why not hit the clubs and dance and drink the night away?!  Pop some bottles, meet some new acquaintances, have a great night!200 (1).gif
  • If you decide to stay in, why not end your tv/movie marathon, drunk singing/texting, wine/liquor filled night with a nice bubble bath and a nightcap.  A great end you what you thought was going to be a not-so-great night…….Admit it, while being on your own on TG will never compare to being with your loved ones–you still had a great time hanging out all by yourself!bubbly-and-bubbly-1204015



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