Top 3 Turn-Offs That Will Make the Opposite Sex Take a Second Guess


Sometimes when we drink, we don’t think and that my friends can become a total turn-off.

Define Drunk: Funny, Clumsy, Crazy, Outgoing , Loving and Friendly

These are the great and welcoming qualities liquor adds to ones character.  However, mixing liquor and dating can take a turn for the worst if alcohol consumption is not handled properly.   Below are the top 3 turn-offs that will make the opposite sex take a second guess.

Ladies, impress, leave memories that will make him want to come back.  Therefore,  DO NOT do the following:

DO NOT Curse: It’s no need to talk like a sailor when the drinks start to constantly flow.  After surveying men  in regards to what makes a woman less desirable cursing was the No. 1 culprit.  A little profanity here or there is okay, but to much of it turns class into trash.  A woman’s words should be soft, eloquent and seemingly seductive.  No man, wants a foul mouth woman on his shoulder.  A foul mouth will be the reason he does not return or refrain from introducing you to others.

DO NOT Pretend:  Ladies, be who you are.  Talk, laugh, smile!  When he ask what are you drinking don’t say “I would like an Apple Martini” knowing you secretly crave a Jack and Coke.  Men can see right through the bull crap.  It’s no fun watching a beautiful lady sip a Martini and eat a chicken salad.  A man wants to see you sip that whiskey, take a shot, smash that burger  and give him a high five.  There is nothing more attractive than a beautiful woman who is down to earth.

DO NOT Tell Your Business: Ladies, keep your business to yourself.  Your mouth does not have to run like the drinks.  No man wants to hear a tipsy woman talk about her problems, failures and insecurities he is your date not your doctor.  The goal is to keep him not scare him away.  No man wants a depressed insecure woman with drinking added on.  A man loves and admires a highly esteemed woman, one who can take a strong shot, handle business and not let the troubles of life bring her down.

Men, stand firm and play your position drink and act like a man not a scuzzball.  If you want to keep her DO NOT do the following:

DO NOT Live a Lie: A woman respects a hard working man, therefore, it’s no need to spend your life savings in one night trying to impress a woman.  Do not tell her to order champagne knowing that’s not in your price range.  Don’t be one of the guys, where the more he drinks, the more he splurges.  If a woman thinks you got it she will expect the best.  Don’t make yourself look like a fool and have to go into hiding because you can not afford to take her on another date, due to financial disaster from your previous date.

DO NOT Smack the Ass: Guys I know us girls are silently freaky but don’t let the drinks get you carried away.  Keep your hands to yourself.  Treat a queen like a queen not like a whore.  The only time you should approach a woman in a sexual manner is when she commands.  Do not let liquid courage cause you to do anything you will regret.

DO NOT Talk So Much: Women love when men communicate however, a man should never talk more than a woman.  Leave the gossiping, staring, judging and massive talking to the woman.  This is guy code 101.  Liquor should never bring female traits out of a man.  Women love to run their mouths while guys laugh at them and say shit like “your messy but cute” “your a bad girl” “stop it” “what did I get myself into (with a smile attached)”.

Don’t Let Liquor Ruin Something Great!



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