The Girlz

       Omega-Sharlete                                                        Chyna 


Omega-Sharlete was born and raised in New York City where she pursued a career as an inspiring actress. She moved to the Washington DC metropolitan area in 2005. There she launched a successful Life Coaching Business which is thriving and internationally known.  Also, she’s a University Director of International Programs and coach’s top Executives/CEO’s. She holds a Bachelors Degree in International Business Management and a Associates in Business Administration. She possesses the following titles: Founder, Author, Certified Success & Self-Esteem Coach and Director. 

Omega-Sharlete’s personal life is full of excitement and she’s surely a “party-pleaser”. Known for her enthusiasm and witty personality she is the true definition of a social-butterfly. Entertaining and hosting is her thing. Incorporating and sipping the best adult beverages completes her scene.

Chyna was born and raised in Biloxi, MS and moved to the Washington, DC metropolitan area in 2008. She immediately took the DC nightlife by storm with her southern-bell charm, and 10 years of bartending and hosting experience.

Chyna’s professional reputation and work ethics only allow her to assist at Washington DC’s finest bars, nightclubs and restaurants. She is known, as the call on bartender throughout her home town in Biloxi, MS to help intermediate management and owners generate profitable bar revenue by training their staff. She is a frequent flyer landing in all major cities due to her high demand of bartending and hosting skills.


Combined, Omega-Sharlete and Chyna bring forth fun, excitement, cool ideas and every adult drink you can imagine. Oh, let’s not forget the boring stuff, such as, professionalism, safety and work ethics.


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