Our Packages

Our Party Packages 

(Miniumum 6 people)


  • Complimentary Champagne, Wine OR Cocktails of our choosing while learning. 
  • Taste tests of some of our/your creations.
  • A Gift Bag full of 2Drunkgirlz goodies!

Our classes are worth EVERY penny.  We make sure our clients leave the experience well-informed and super stoked about making their own creations.

Cocktail Creation (1 1/hours)

  • Instruct guests on how to create an amazing and memorable display of cocktails
  • Drink and Food Pairing
  • Q & A

Package Price: $100/pp

Sweet Treats (1 1/2 hours)

  • Here, we will teach you how to incorporate alcohol in some of your favorite desserts, like cheesecake, truffles and more!
  • Dessert/Candy and Alcohol pairings
  • Q&A Package

Package Price: $100/pp

Infusions (1 1/2 hours)

  • In this class, we will teach you how to infuse your alcohol and how to strain it.
  • Create your very own Irish Cream, Liqueurs, Bitters and Syrups
  • Q&A

Package Price: $125/pp

Feel free to email us here with any questions or concerns

*Note: 2Drunkgirlz may charge travel expenses for distances more than 20 miles outside of the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Consult: $150.00 Non-refundable deposit to hold your spot.  (Deposit will be reimbursed/taken from full balance.  If you cancel, we keep the deposit.)


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